See What These Doctors Have to Say
After Working With Us

  • Dr. Kristi Farrell
    "We were greeted by a team that was very knowledgeable and willing to share all the ins and outs of what it takes to run a productive, successful clinic. Although our training was only a couple of days, we feel as if we are part of your work family. Allowing us to shadow each position ... we walked away with high hopes and great expectations. We look forward to continuing to build our practice following the direction and expertise from your team."
    Dr. Kristi Farrell
  • Dr. Robert Lutz
    "[Saw profit] within the first two months. [Our patients] are losing weight and they are excited about it."
    Dr. Robert Lutz
  • Mark DeEulio
    "Healthy Habits Founder, Kimball Lundall, has more experience in the weight loss business than anyone I know. He and his team care about what they does and what their clients do, both from an ethical standard and a performance standard. His business systems work, he has the marketing answers, and the weight loss program is a proven system as well. What more could you ask for?"  
    Mark DeEulio
    Vanguard Management Systems
  • Dr. Annette Neumann
    "We are 100% happy with Healthy Habits and what we have received. We are very busy."
    Dr. Annette Neumann
  • Dr. Dominic Stape
    "I have been in practice for 14 years and have hired several practice consultants to help me. They have all helped me to become successful, however, Healthy Habits consulting has really exceeded my expectations. After I purchased their program they fully trained my staff with the tools necessary to keep our weight loss program running without me doing a single job. We get weekly consulting and ready to go marketing material monthly and great ideas leaving me with more time to do other things. When we have staff turn over, I have my staff call and get trained. Thats it! Our collections are all cash and easy to close plans. No insurance collections  hastles and a large profit margin. My wife and I wish we had implemented this weight loss program a long time ago."
    Dr. Dominic Stape
  • Dr. Jason Burchard
    "The continued support and encouragement that they offer are way more than any consultant I've ever used. We were doing medical weight loss on our own prior to joining with Healthy Habits and we now collect more in a week than we were collecting in a month before joining".
    Dr. Jason Burchard
  • Dr. Greg Oliver
    "Good marketing pieces - Increased our revenue in the past year by over 50%"
    Dr. Greg Oliver
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