Fight the Obesity Epdemic

Nearly 80% of adults in the United States are overweight or obese. We must treat obesity like the public health crisis that it really is. We teach you how to build a weight loss business that will provide a steady source of cash revenue to your practice while helping your patients achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Why reinvent the wheel? We already figured it out for you with our Complete Weight Loss Business System. 

Physicians and business owners often run into roadblocks when starting their own business. Many businesses fail due to common issues such as working too many hours, limited cash flow, poor business model, and lack of staff training.

At Healthy Habits, we help our clients every step of the way. We know that staff can make or break a business, and our comprehensive staff training and support ensures success.

Our Program Includes:

  • Complete Weight Loss Business System
  • Training with your Staff & Doctors
  • Client website access (protocols, forms, videos, etc.)
  • Customized meal plans, recipes, and fitness program based on genetics


  • Unlimited on-site training at our Meridian, ID location
  • Sample marketing material
  • Monthly stat reporting
  • 5 Lifestyle & Fast Track product bundles


Healthy Habits' Complete Business System is the answer! Let us save you time, reduce your work load, alleviate stress, and save you thousands of dollars!

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With Healthy Habits, you can generate revenue and improve patient results without needing to hire additional staff-- we provide a team of fully trained virtual sales consultants and coaches. Utilize our exclusive training and services to enhance your business and the quality of your patient results.

We do the work for you.
Clinic success and patient success without the overhead cost!

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