Weight Loss, Genetic & Food Sensitivity Testing

Genetic Testing

Discover the best lifestyle plan built for their DNA

Food Sensitivity

Test for common allergies & intolerances to eliminate reactive foods


DNA based supplements, nutrition guides & exercise programs

Custom Meal App

Customized meal planning app specifically designed for your patient

Compliment weight loss with genetic, food allergy and sensitivity testing.


Genetic Testing:

The body’s unique genetic makeup determines how it best reacts to specific diet and exercise strategies for weight management. The science of genetic testing can help identify the genes that dictate how the body processes carbohydrates, fats, proteins and micro-nutrients and how patients respond to different types of exercise. Weight loss programs tailored to an individual’s DNA has been proven to be much more effective than one-size-fits-all programs because it takes the guesswork out of health management.

Genetic testing with Healthy Habits is done through a noninvasive, easy to use kit to collect cells from the mouth. It only takes about a minute to collect enough DNA and the saliva is then mailed directly to the lab for analysis. The Healthy Habits genetic testing program tests 56 genetic markers with 22 traits scored and includes food, nutrient, and exercise recommendations.


Food Sensitivity and Allergy Testing:

The next step in your patient’s customized weight loss is testing for food sensitivities and allergies. This test enables them to eliminate reactive foods from your diet, alleviating previously undiagnosed symptoms. The Healthy Habits comprehensive home-to-lab test checks for common food intolerance items including wheat, fish, milk and meats, and allergen items including pollen, nuts, and pets. Included with your patient’s results is a full guide on how to perform an elimination of the reacting items.


Supplements & Reports:

The genetic testing report not only provides your patient with a road map of their specific genes but gives them direction on how they can potentially optimize their health and wellbeing with this knowledge. By utilizing Healthy Habits, you can help maximize your patients’ diet and exercise by providing custom recommendations for supplements, nutrition guides and exercise programs.

Our H2 BodyPrint line of supplements work in conjunction with our weight loss programs to provide the best results. Products based on genetics will help your patients reach success by controlling appetite, boosting energy, increasing metabolism, supporting muscle tone and more.


Custom Meal App:

Healthy Habits offers a completely customized macronutrient meal planner for each individual patient. We offer the only app that has the capability to integrate genetic testing with food allergy/sensitivity into an automatically genertated meal plan. Once the patients’ test results are synced with their app, the patient can then customize their menu based on their lifestyle and schedule. For example, they can allocate their calories to be split equally between 2-3 meals and snacks or they can designate a larger percentage of calories to be allocated to the larger meal of the day.

The app also has the capability for patients to input likes and exclude dislikes so it will either repeat recipe recommendations or eliminate them completely. The patient will have the tools to be back in control of their meal planning within the guidelines of their unique DNA. In addition, the patient can even export their grocery list to Instacart or Amazon Fresh and have everything directly delivered to their home in as little as an hour. Schedule a Demo.

Certified Coach for Weight Loss:

By offering a Certified Coach through your clinic, your patients can create a true lifestyle change and stay on track with their customized genetic-based weight loss plans. Through convenient online appointments, our coach will provide support to your patients by assessing results, setting new goals, and assisting with strategies to help them succeed.


This truly is a complete program- combine the power of genetics, food sensitivities and individual customized meal plans for your patients.

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