Expand Your Practice with Lipo Laser
and Weight Loss Services

Our 3D Lipo Laser Elite has combined high frequency diodes to target multiple results:
• 650nm red light promotes rejuvenation; this energy is absorbed close to the surface making it the best option for skin tightening and cell rejuvenation
• 780nm infrared light penetrates subcutaneous layer to break down fat cells into free fatty acids and glycerol, which can then be excreted via the lymphatic system
• 940nm could penetrate deeper and accelerate lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and metabolism

Patients can experience weight loss, skin tightening and reduction of cellulite. Our training staff will provide you with virtual training and videos as well as access to our online Training Portal where you can utilize all of the tools to incorporate Lipo Laser services into your practice.

Healthy Habits Weight Loss Business Builders offers a free 30-minute strategy session in which our business analyst will discuss what services you are wanting to add to your business, what type of equipment/services you may qualify for as well as which services will integrate well with your existing services to increase revenue for your business.

For A Limited Time: Our 3D Lipo Laser Elite includes 1 month of FREE social media marketing, guaranteed to generate at least 40 leads to your new services.

Our clientele consists of
• Chiropractors • Health and beauty spas • Naturopathic clinics • Weight loss clinics • Massage centers
...and YOU!

We have the perfect weight loss programs for your patients as well. Our natural supplement line gives you the ability to integrate weight loss without the need to hire additional staff.

Our easy-to-follow weight loss protocol educates your patients how to see weight loss results with natural supplements. By offering the natural weight loss options to your patients, you can acquire residual income and long term patient relationships.

With the purchase of our Lipo Laser machine, Healthy Habits Weight Loss Business Builders will also provide your business:
  • Virtual Training
  • Access to our online Training Center for documents/forms needed to incorporate lipo laser services into your business
  • Memberships/Packages for you to promote lipo laser services in combination with any other services you are currently offering
  • One month of free marketing/advertising with Innerstate Media, guaranteeing you a minimum of 40 new sign ups in your first month

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    "I paid for the machine after two months of sales, using word-of-mouth as my only source of marketing. We are seeing an average of 5 inches off of patients with 10 sessions."

    - Shelly S., Wyoming

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