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Over 200,000,000 million searches happen daily, and over 70% are local searches. Don't let your practice get left behind.

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Local/ Technical SEO Optimization

When it comes to new patients finding your business, they turn to Search. Since most people are searching for the closest business to solve their need, they are performing Local Searches.

This is where you want your clinic, center, or office to show up. We offer local SEO and Technical SEO services to give your businesses online presence a fighting chance.

This also includes monthly SEO maintenance. The standard accepted site health for the medical industry is 75%. Our client's site and SEO health always average 80% and above.

Social Media Management

Social media attracts and informs people all over the world. It's become much easier to connect with your favorite people, businesses and events. Which is why your businesses Social Media presence is so important.

We understand how important it is for your patients to stay up-to-date and educated when it comes to their health. Our Social Media Management is designed to help you attract and keep followers all while becoming a trusted source of wellness.

Our Social Media Management includes Instagram, Facebook, and Google paid ads management.

Web Site Development

Having digital real estate for patients to visit is JUST AS IMPORTANT as having a physical location. Your web site is the first experience for many of your future patients. That first visit has to count.

When our clients call on us to develop or re-design their web site, we keep the patient's experience front of mind. Everything from the design to the ease of navigation goes into our building strategy.

Before we start ANY, we have a meeting with each client to get an idea of their design vision to provide a site that represents your online presence the best. First impressions mean everything.

Add-Web Services

Additional Add-On Web Services.

  • Structured SEO Schema Mark Up starting at $250
  • Branded YouTube Channel Creation: $325 (First Video creation and upload free)
  • Additional Video Creation and Upload to YouTube: $150 per video
  • Monthly YouTube Maintenance: $125
  • Additional Social Media Posts: $50 per post
  • Additional Blog posts: $125 per post
  • Landing Pages: Starts at $150 per page