1.     FRONT DESK  obtains the information required to make a new patient appoint: name, date of birth, email, phone number, how they heard about us and schedules a 60 minute Consultation (within 72 hours), puts into STATS SHEET

2.     FRONT DESK schedules 30 minutes with the Provider right after the consult (V1).

3.     Patient comes to their appointment and FRONT DESK has them fill out the NEW PATIENT QUESTIONNAIRE

4.     When the patient has completed the questionnaire, the FRONT DESK gives it to the CONSULTANT to review.

5.     CONSULTANT invites the patient into their office.  Reviewing the patient questionnaire and completing the BODY COMPOSITION should take about an hour.

6.     CONSULTANT offers appropriate services:
a.     HCG 23 Day or 45 Day
b.     Fast Track
c.      Lifestyle
d.     Genetic Test

7.     When the patient purchases, the Consultant has the patient complete:
       a.     Medical paperwork (left side of chart)
b.     Service agreement or Membership Agreement
                                                                                  i.     Weight Loss Agreement or Weight Loss Membership Agreement
                                                                                 ii.     Fast Track Service agreement or Membership Agreement

c.      Recurring Auto Draft Form (for Membership patients)

8.     The Consultant:
a.     Completes the Superbill
b.     Provides the patient with appropriate meal plan (Detox, HCG or both)
c.      Takes a copy of the patients ID
d.     Completes information for the Nutritionist (to email in or online)
e.     Escorts patient to the front desk for payment

9.     The FRONT DESK processes payment and provides patient a copy of the receipt, compiles the chart and gives it to the MEDICAL ASSISTANT to check in the patient.

10.  The MEDICAL ASSISTANT will fill out all necessary boxes when checking in a new patient, assess vitals, get any known allergies, go over medications with the patient. (NOTE: NEW PATIENTS MUST NEVER HAVE THEIR BLOOD DRAWN OR HAVE A LIPO INJECTION UNTIL THEY SEE A PROVIDER AND THE PROVIDER APPROVES THEM FOR THESE.)

11.  The patient will see the PROVIDER and the PROVIDER will do the exam and order LABS. (If the patient is doing a Life Style Program/Membership, the PROVIDER will give them 2 weeks’ medication to get them started.)

12.  If the PATIENT is doing a Lifestyle Program/Membership, they can go back to the MA and receive their first LIPO INJECTION.

13.  The PATIENT will then proceed to the FRONT DESK to make their appointment for fasting bloodwork (12 hours fasting), their follow up appointments (2 weeks, then monthly) and Lipo Laser appointments (2 per week).  The bloodwork must be completed before the next refill appointment.

14.  If the PATIENT is doing HCG, when they are done with the Provider, they will go to the front desk to make their appointment for fasting LABS.  When their labs return, they will be called schedule an appointment with the Provider to review labs and pick up HCG.

15.  NOTE:  When a patient is doing GENETIC TESTING , Follow up appointments will be for approximately 2 weeks to review labs and 4 weeks to review the report as soon as the results come back.

16.  When a patient comes in for V2, to either pick up a refill or review labs and pick up HCG, the FRONT DESK will retrieve the chart and put a superbill on it, circling the appropriate appointment type.

17.  MA will take vitals, update the RIGHT SIDE OF THE CHART with any changes and check patient in to see the Provider.  All boxes must be filled out by the MA that are required (BP, Pulse, Weight, Etc.)

18.  The PROVIDER will give the patient the HCG/Medication refill 19.  Patient will check out at the front desk and schedule any other follow up appointments.

20.  All HCG Patients will get 2 Lipo Injections per week.  Either they will do them at home (upon completion of the INJECTIONS RELEASE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT) or come in to have them administered.  HCG patients do not receive their first lipo injection until the first day of the 500 calorie protocol.  Lifestyle Patients will get 3 Lipo Injections per week for the first month, then 2 per week for each consecutive month.  All injections must have a day in between them.