• Upon arriving for their appointment, the patient will complete the New Patient Questionnaire
• Patient will have 60 minute appointment with Consultant
• Reviewing Questionnaire, Consultant will ask Consulting Questions
• Consultant will perform Body Composition
• Consultant will recommend Package/Membership
· Lifestyle Programs
6 Week
10 Week
14 Week
26 Week
38 Week
6 Week Special
10 Week Special
14 Week Special

· Lifestyle Membership

• When Purchasing a Program, the Consultant and Patient will complete:
· Agreement
o Weight Loss Package Agreement
o Lifestyle Membership Agreement
· Intake Forms
o HIPAA Form
o Lipo Laser Consent to Treatment Form
o Online Nutritional Counseling Form
o Lifestyle Checklist
o Superbill

Consultant will review and give the patient the Detox Protocol
The Consultant will take the patient to the Front Desk)

The Front Desk will:
· Process Payment
· Schedule Lipo Appointments
· Email Online Nutritionist Information
· Give the patient their products (link to supplement information sheet handout)
· Give the patient their genetic test kit (serial # documented on patient chart and kit registered)