Top Medical Practice Management Challenges To Overcome

December 26, 2017

Written by Max Effect

Medical facilities are relying on medical practice management solutions to run their clinic effectively and efficiently. These systems work for doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. It’s an effective and profitable alternative to the old-school management practices. Since medical practice management (MPM) software can build efficiency, many doctors rely on it on a daily basis.

According to research, the United States loses billions of dollars every year due to ineffective billing operations. The challenges of practice management expand far beyond revenue cycle management and medical institutions are looking for better software alternative. Before clinics gear up to find the right solution, here are some medical practice management challenges that clinics can face.

The Problems Of Operation Costs

There is no denying that operating expenses are on a steady rise. Medical institutions need to get a clearer perspective on how billing costs can reduce expenses significantly. The best way to ensure that you have invested in a good medical practice management solutions is to diligently review the expenditures like medical supplies, office supplies, software, and IT support. Doing this will expose problem areas, so you can cut certain operating costs. To tackle certain problems, there are some steps you can implement.

A smooth contract with vendors

It’s always best to keep the vendor contract based on the supplies required. Some of the medicines, like vaccines, need to be purchased when required and not in bulk. Instead of purchasing vaccines in bulk, order large supplies when the demand is high. During peak vaccination season, it’s best to get fresh medication. Make sure to collaborate with your vendors accordingly.

A competent IT team

Many medical organizations are overlooking the need of experienced IT employees in their staff. Although you can always outsource IT support to maintain the security of software, it’s not a cheap option. Instead, hire an in-house IT executive to tackle any software or technical issues on the spot. According to reports, outsourcing IT support can cost thousands of dollars, whereas an in-house expert is an affordable alternative.

The green initiative

The world is turning green and choosing an environment-friendly medical practice management solution is a given today. Clinics can minimize their paper trail and office supply use by encouraging patients to submit payments electronically. E-billing is the best alternative to reduce the costs of paper billing and processing. Email notifications and newsletters are effective ways to educate patients on the benefits of e-billing.

Hiring the right billing staff

It is essential that you recruit the right billing staff. This will ensure that the medical coding, billing, reimbursement, and front office work is managed accurately. Medical institutions need to understand that hiring the right people is crucial since high turnover rates can be expensive to deal with. Not to mention, this can even affect the patient experience. Although this step might seem obvious, many people make grave mistakes in the hiring and retaining process. Give the executives clear job expectations and regular feedback.

The payment collection process

The rising medical price tags have definitely made it difficult to keep patients updated on the changing payment practices. It is important to keep your patients in the loop about any changes. Today, medical practices are opting to be more proactive in their efforts to collect patient payments by hiring an efficient medical practice management solutions. Medical institutions can inform patients of updates to collection policies and procedures too. Practices can also improve patient pay collections by offering payment plan options. This will make it easier for them to pay their bill over time in installments.

These systems also make it easier to inform payment expectations to patients before the appointment. Clinics can get payment upfront and avoid chasing patients down for payments.

Tech-savvy and up-to-date system

Let’s face it, traditional systems are not prevalent anymore. It’s time we lit technology shine and make way for advanced solutions. If you are looking for an efficient medical practice management solution, make sure to invest in a company that has authentic and high-end tools and system. A smooth process will ensure faster reimbursement and better performance.

Good customer service is a must

Customer service can make or break a business, especially a renowned medical institution. Ensure that your staff is always friendly and courteous, and are available at all times. Patients might have queries about their account and good customer service will ensure that they get the right answers. Do not keep your customers waiting, deliver the right service at all times.

Time To Find an Efficient Medical Practice Management Solutions

It’s time medical institutions find a practice management solution that offers value-based reimbursement. Although this might pose certain challenges for doctors, clinicians, and the healthcare industry, it is definitely the next step to progress. Latest payment tracking processes are more complex than traditional models, so practices need to prepare for this shift to serve their patients better.

If your organization has been doing payment collection and management activities the old school way, then you might take some time to adjust to this transition to a better medical practice management solutions. One way to avoid a loss of revenue is to improve your practice’s operating costs and place an added emphasis on an efficient practice management system. If you aren’t quite sure where to start with improving your MPM process, we could help you get there.

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