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Medical Management Programs for Losing Weight Easily

May 30, 2018

Written by Max Effect

The growing technology has made our lives convenient, and at the same time, it has made us depend on technology so much so that it has affected our health severely. We spend most of our time on our cell phones, laptops, tablets and other devices that make us lead a sedentary life with little or no physical exercise. Unhealthy eating habits, over-burdened work schedules, and many more such factors have contributed to people being overweight or obese. Many people struggle to lose weight and keep it off. It can be a frustrating experience. It is now easy with medical management programs.

Obesity has existed in our societies for a long time, and almost everyone knows about it. Unfortunately, not many people understand it. One of the common misconception people have is that being fat is considered as being obese. Obesity is not the same as being overweight.

Obesity vs. Overweight

Obesity is considered as being fat by a lot of people. However, there exists a lot of differences between them. Having a natural body shape that is heavier that does not fit the conventional beauty standards and is shamed upon many times. Mostly women fall victim to such cruel criticism. There is nothing wrong with being fat if you are fit and healthy. On the contrary, obesity is a huge health problem that needs attention. Being obese means the person’s body weight exceeds the scale analysed according to their height, age and other factors, i.e. according to the BMI (Body Mass Index), which leads to diseases such as heart problems, depression, menstrual problems in women and many more. Ultimately, obesity challenges the overall health of a person.

Medical Management Programs for Weight Loss

The medical management programs seem to have become an appropriate and effective approach towards health. These programs offer a wide range of solutions that are developed by taking rational points and proven facts into consideration. It is a strategic initiative towards the treatment of the health problem at hand. Different programs are designed and put into action to treat various health issues. Every program designed is eventually customised according to the requirements of the case.

How the professionals of medical management programs work to help you lose weight?

A team of professionals work together to give the best results by putting in their best efforts. Medical management programs may include analysing the issue, providing and maintaining the medication for as long as required, supervising, counselling, providing facilities, guidance and assistance that may be required. Nutritional counselling plays a key role here. A group of counsellors provide counselling to the client.

They help people understand diets better and help them transform their lifestyle from an unhealthy to a healthy one. This approach works well as the program not only targets the eating habits but also the mental state of the people.

Controlling the appetite is a significant issue for the obese as overeating is a dominant symptom. The guilt of overeating, stress eating, eating even when not hungry are common traits of obese people. Medical management programs work efficiently to provide solutions to obesity. The program includes prescribing appetite suppressants that urge the brain to stop sending signals for a need of food. It also includes vitamin injections to boost the weight loss progress.

Medical management programs prove to be better than just a regular weight loss treatment at a clinic. Here’s why:

The regular treatment, especially for weight loss may consist pills, gym or surgeries, if the single motive is to lose weight. But with the medical management program, you get an entire package. Since the target is to uproot the health issue from its origin, the effects are better and long lasting. The possibility of side effects or anything going wrong is minimised as everything is carefully analysed, planned and tested already.

Step-By-Step Medical Management Program for Weight Loss

It is usually a comprehensive weight loss program that emphasizes on exercise, healthy food and cognitive behavioural therapy to encourage long-term weight loss and management.
The program usually includes:

  • Individual assessment of activity, health, nutrition and other factors. Review and analysis of the patient’s food diary, nutrition education and meal advice.
  • Exercise program with personal trainers
  • Regular meetings with doctors for medical supervision and guidance.
  • Goal setting for optimal weight management
  • Support group followed by a lecture series
  • Nutrition and meal planning
  • Tailored inventory of environmental or medical promoters of weight gain
  • Weight management medications
  • Ongoing behavioural therapy

Are you a candidate for medical management programs for weight loss?

  • If your BMI is more than of 30 or over. Body mass index measures your body fat relative to your height and weight.
  • If you are experiencing weight-related medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or sleep aponia.
  • If you are committed to personal lifestyle changes for better health and weight loss.

Medical Management Program for Weight Loss: What to Expect

Usually, the program kicks off by the consultant performing a comprehensive assessment of your overall health. During your evaluation, you will be asked about the following:

  • Triggers that instigate you to overeat
  • Your sleep patterns
  • The environment at work and home
  • Medical condition that could cause you to gain weight
  • Whether you are on medications
  • Your stress levels

The weight management program at Healthy Habits Medical Business Consultants offers a comprehensive approach to healthy, sustainable weight loss with medical management programs. The programs are tailored to your specific needs. We provide a plethora of services that range from nutrition support to stress management, from sleep issues to medications. We address and treat all the factors that may be refraining you from enjoying a full, healthy life.

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