Holiday Shopping Tips

August 15, 2016

Written by Max Effect

As the holiday shopping season is upon us, it’s time to think about how to avoid being sucked into the fast-food trap. With shopping comes food courts filled with greasy burgers and fries, and it is easy to succumb to the temptation of fast food. The following tips make it easier to avoid the temptation and stick to your weight loss goals.

Eat Before You Go: Be sure to have a healthy and satisfying meal before you head out the door to start your holiday shopping. You are much less likely to eat impulsively if you have a full stomach.

Bring a Snack: Stash your bag full of healthy snacks, such as cut up fresh veggies, a piece of fruit, low-fat cheese and whole-wheat crackers, or a handful of nuts. Don’t forget to also bring a bottle of water. You will be able to take a break from shopping and refuel with these healthy options.

Plan ahead: Planning ahead reduces the risk of making poor food choices. Scheduling your trip between meal times is smart, but if you do want to dine out while shopping, hunt down some healthy options. If you already have a few good picks in mind then it is easy to avoid the not-so-healthy choices.

Ask for a To-Go Box: Asking for a to-go box when you order is a good way to avoid consuming extra calories. When you receive your entree, put half or more into the to-go box before you even start eating. If it is not in front of you, you’re less likely to overeat. As a bonus, your leftovers will make a perfect, portion-controlled lunch for the next day.

Do a Few Laps: Challenge yourself to burn calories while you shop. Park in the farthest spot you can find, take a speed walk around the store, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, or carry your purchases out to the car after you visit each store. These extra steps can add up to hundreds of burned calories!

Be Aware of Your Emotions: As we have previously discussed on the blog, stress can play a huge role in your eating habits. Holiday shopping can be particularly stressful, with a growing to-do list and worries about money. If you find yourself craving something unhealthy, remember to stop and reflect on what it is you are really hungry for. Chances are, the craving isn’t about the food at all and what you really crave is a break from the high-pressure pace of the holiday season. If you find yourself stressed out while shopping, head home and relax by reading or taking a bath.

Following these tips during the holiday shopping season can help keep you on track for your weight loss goals. It is important to stay healthy and stress-free during this busy time of year!

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