Cutting Calories: Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

August 15, 2016

Written by Max Effect

Thanksgiving is a holiday that reminds us to reflect on what we are thankful for. It can also cause dieters a great deal of stress as Thanksgiving festivities tend to revolve solely around food. The average Thanksgiving meal can contain up to 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat!

You don’t have to completely skip out on Thanksgiving dinner just because you’re trying to lose weight. Enjoy the holiday mindfully by watching your portions and getting right back to your normal diet the next day.

Here are some easy ways you can shave hundreds of calories off of your Thanksgiving meal without sacrificing your favorites:

Turkey: White turkey meat contains 44 calories per ounce while dark meat contains 53 calories per ounce. Enjoy either white or dark meat but don’t eat the skin (it contains an additional 50 calories and 6 fat grams per serving.)

Mashed Potatoes: Try whipping in plain yogurt instead of butter and cream for the same creamy taste without the high calories and fat. Aim for a 2/3 cup serving.

Gravy: Gravy made from juices and dripping from the bird weighs in at around 70 calories per tablespoon. Using a powdered gravy mix instead can cut those calories by 80 percent. To keep the homemade flavor, add a small amount of juice with the fat skimmed off.

Stuffing: Cook your stuffing outside of the turkey to cut the calories in half. But be warned: a one-cup portion of stuffing still contains a whopping 350 calories, so it is wise to enjoy this Thanksgiving favorite in moderation. You can cook pre-measured amounts in a muffin tin for easy portion control.

Sweet potatoes: Rather than indulging in the marshmallow and butter drenched version of this dish, prepare your sweet potatoes by roasting them and sprinkling with a dash of cinnamon. This will take them from 460 calories and 17 grams of fat per cup to 130 calories and 0 grams of fat.

Pie: Because they contain half the calories and fat, choose apple or pumpkin pie over pecan. Skipping the crust can also save you 82 calories and 5 grams of fat per slice. Use non-fat frozen yogurt as a topping instead of ice cream, or skip the toppings all together.

What are some calorie-saving Thanksgiving tips you have learned over the years?

Remember not to get caught up in the holiday and stay focused on your weight loss goals.

Have a safe, happy, and fit holiday!

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