Success Stories

Scott Medical Center

We were profitable in the first month…the fee is minimal compared to our profits.
Dr. Gary Hieronimus, Clinic Director – Scott Medical Centers

It’s increased patient flow for us, which is always a good thing and it’s helped our current patients who are having physical medicine problems.
Allison, Office Manager – Scott Medical Centers

MedCal Weight Loss

We are doing really well!…We are at approx $40,000.00 for collections and we started the last week of January (Date: February 25, 2013)
Dr. James Briggs, Owner – MedCal Weight Loss

MedCal Weight Loss

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Southwest Center for Integrative Medicine

I have been in practice for 14 years and have hired several practice consultants to help me. They have all helped me to become successful, however, Healthy Habits consulting has really exceeded my expectations.
After I purchased their program they fully trained my staff with the tools necessary to keep our weight loss program running without me doing a single job. We get weekly consulting and ready to go marketing material monthly and great ideas leaving me with more time to do other things. When we have staff turn over, I have my staff call and get trained. That’s it!
Our collections are all cash and easy to close plans. No insurance collections hassles and a large profit margin. My wife and I wish we had implemented this weight loss program a long time ago.
Dr. Dominic Stape, Owner – Southwest Center for Integrative Medicine

Healthy Weight Loss Solutions

Susan Bosler, Office Manager – Healthy Weight Loss Solutions

Lifeworks Integrative Health

It is quick, simple and easy to implement and the returns are pretty high and pretty quickly for how simple it is. You don’t have to rely on insurance.
Dr. Matthew Gianforte, Owner – Lifeworks Wellness Center

Sandler Training - Entrepreneur Radio

He has an impact on the health our our nationwide, he has a developed a weight loss process that works!
Sandler Radio Show, Interview – Dr. Kimball Lundahl – Healthy Habits Business Development

Absolute Integrated Health

We collected $10,000 last week, and $8,000 through yesterday this week. The ads pull like crazy!
Michael Bozzone, Office Manager – Absolute Integrated Health

Optimal Health

76 phone calls on the first day!
Dr. Scott Brown, Owner – Optimal Health

Integrated Medical Center

It’s an opportunity that doesn’t come around often.
Dr. Haralampos Ginakes, Owner – Integrated Medical Centers

Dr. Michael Williams

You would be crazy not to do this!
My staff was trained over a lunch hour.
Dr. Michael Williams, Owner – Physical Medicine Group

Vanguard Management Systems

Healthy Habits Founder, Kimball Lundall, has more experience in the weight loss business than anyone I know. He and his team care about what they do and what their clients do, both from an ethical standard and a performance standard. His business systems work, he has the marketing answers, and the weight loss program is a proven system as well. What more could you ask for?
Mark DeEulio, President – Vanguard Management Systems

Vanguard Management Systems

We do not feel like we need monthly calls any more–when we need something we call and immediately get an answer–100% satisfied. Initially we needed the monthly contact. I would really like to take advantage of all the webinars but being open only 4 days a week we really can’t afford to block out an hour to attend. We are just super busy, for example today we had zero counseling visits for patients available–this is pretty typical -we can not expand and besides that we do not want to add more hours so we will continue as we are right now. From an outside person I am sure this raises questions but the bottom line is we would like less hours not more, we are at our max for time and I guess I would have to say we are happy where we are, when we were younger we would have stayed open 6 days a week. We have looked for another doctor but have had no success and maybe that is for the best right now. Could not have done it without HH help.
Dr. Annette, Florida

Back to Health

I wanted to take a moment and thank your entire staff for doing such a great job the week of our “in office training”. We were greeted by a team that was very knowledgeable and willing to share all the ins and outs of what it takes to run a productive successful clinic. Although our training was only a couple of days, we feel as if we are a part of your work family. Allowing us to shadow each position along with the hours spent with Jordan and Amanda, we walked away with high hopes and great expectations. Upon our return to Dallas the knowledge share has been off the chain! Every phone call, email, question, concern, etc. has been responded to quickly and honestly.
Thank you very much for all that you do. We look forward to continuing to build our practice following the direction and expertise from your team.

Dr. Kristi Farrell, owner- Back to Health Physical Medicine

Back to Health

We’ve implemented many of the Healthy Habits concepts and have had every month break records for us. Last year, our gross revenue was $425,000 and this year we are starting off, up 50%! Our goal is to hit $750,000 and $1,000,000 in 2019.

Dr. Gregory Oliver, D.O., Fast Clinical Weight Loss