Weight Loss Resolutions

August 15, 2016

Written by Max Effect

january1 With the New Year comes New Year’s Resolutions. These resolutions are often difficult to keep. It’s not uncommon to approach your resolution with a lot of enthusiasm, only to revert back to your old habits a few weeks later. These habits may be your comfort zone, but they do not help you lose weight or improve your health and wellness. Before you give up on your New Year's resolution, consider the following:

Are you ready? Changing lifestyle habits in diet and physical activity takes a commitment of time and energy. Is this a good time in your life? Can you devote some time to planning and implementing the recommended changes?

Do you have a good plan? Don’t focus too much on the long-term goal of losing 50 pounds. Trying to lose 50 pounds without a good weight loss plan is like trying to make a million dollars without a good financial plan. Losing weight is done one pound at a time, and Healthy Habits Medical Weight Loss Centers are here to help you. Our medical weight loss programs and lifestyle counseling provide you with a partner in your resolution goals.

Can you enjoy the process? Typically when you lose weight and are more active, you feel better. Try to keep that in mind. Have fun with your weight loss- explore new recipes and types of foods. Focus on short-term goals while keeping long-term goals in mind. Remember to motivate and reward yourself when goals are reached.

There are many other strategies to set yourself up to succeed with your resolutions on weight loss this year — contact your local Healthy Habits Medical Weight Loss Center to start reaching your goals today!

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