Journal & Exercise Web-Based Application


The Healthy Habits custom Journal App helps your clinic attract new program participants, improve patient compliance, and promote engagement with your practice.

Our Journal App offers:

  • Direct patient access to your staff for motivation and support
  • A medium to help patients stay on track with their goals
  • A way for patients to feel successful by tracking their own progress
  • Integration of activity, nutrition, measurements, labs, and medications
  • A summary of patient engagement and progress
  • Enhanced face-to-face interactions between patient, provider, and staff

Our customized Journal App provides your patients with an easy way to access their food journal, maintain a record of their progress and exercise, contact their weight loss counselor, and more.

The Journal App provides support through guidance to lifestyle changes, healthy eating plans, and recipes; as well as tools, tracking, and goal setting. Patients can also purchase nutrition products to support healthy eating plans directly through the app, so you don’t need to distribute and stock products.

With our app, clinic staff has access to track patient activity, record progress notes, generate reports, securely message patients, and suggest learning modules to provide the right
information to patients at the right time.