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How do I generate leads?

Proven call to action marketing to make your phone ring, including one on one training with reception to book 80% of incoming calls.

After I pay for the program, how much do supplies cost?

We have already negotiated the lowest prices possible for you. You will spend approximately $1,500-3,500 the first month and will be based on patient need thereafter. You can expect to spend $5,000 monthly on marketing for your best success. This is a low investment for a big return.

How do I train my clinic staff?

You will be assigned a trainer to work closely with you during the process. We offer WebEx training, with an additional option to have us come to your clinic for in-house training, or you may come to our office for onsite training.

How does my medical staff get trained?

We have an MD and a PA that will work one-on-one with your medical provider.

How much work do I need to put into the day-to-day operation of the program?

Your staff will be trained to completely run the program, with minimal effort required by you.

What is your success with the patient losing weight?

The success rate can be up to 90% as long as the patient follows through with the program. This success rate has been demonstrated for over 25 years.

What makes your program better than other companies?

It’s the variety of medical techniques we use in combination with customizing a package for the patient.

Does your system cost as much as a franchise?

We are very different from a franchise because we are a licensing firm and our fees are very affordable in comparison.

Why do I need to commit for two years or more?

Ongoing training support for all current and new employees ensures that new marketing techniques will be introduced during growth. The newest weight loss medications and injections will continue to be included along with other services, putting you one step ahead of all competitors.


Where will I store the medication?

To be compliant with FDA and DEA regulations, they must be kept in a locked cabinet or drawer. If you plan on carrying controlled medication, then they must be stored behind a double lock. A simple solution is to purchase the cabinet we recommend. A locked cabinet behind a locked door will satisfy the double lock requirement for controlled medications.

I did not know I could dispense medication. Why aren’t more physicians doing this?

20 years ago, how many people had cell phones? Not too many, but today, almost everyone has one. Ironically, years ago, most physicians dispensed medication to their patients. Change occurs in every industry. With insurance reimbursements decreasing and operating costs increasing, this is forcing physicians to find alternative sources of revenue to enhance their practice. Dispensing medication is a simple solution.

In 44 out of 50 states, it is absolutely legal for physicians to dispense at time of care. The other states restrict what physicians can do, but even those states physicians can still dispense. The states that have the most restrictions are:

  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • Texas
  • Wyoming
  • Utah (Only state where it is illegal)

Every physician has the right to dispense medicine to their patients. State and Federal law requires physicians to dispense only properly labeled and packaged drugs.

How much time does it take to dispense?

Dispensing during the office visit can actually save time. No more faxing or calling in prescriptions as well as taking calls from the pharmacy. It takes less than one minute to dispense medication to a patient whether you use the manual or computerized tracking system. It takes less than half an hour to learn the manual system and anyone can master the dispensing software within an hour.

Will dispensing cause my malpractice insurance premium to rise?

It should not. A physician’s medical license mandates that they are allowed to dispense medication. If this is a concern, contact your insurance agent.

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